About… me, Nadine Elen

I am an intuitive artist.

Started my creative life a long time ago, playing with words. Loving the sound of words, the emotion it creates when words are put together creating a narrative, translating a feeling, a state of mind.

What I used to play out in words, has over time been transcended in color and shape. My purpose is not to paint reality, but to give space to a state of mind, a feeling that I have in the moment and to let it be expressed, let it find its home in the physical world.

My paintings are the result of a layering process and even painted over early layers, marks and drawings, still are integral part of the final painting. As in life, where the person one becomes is the result of all what happened up to that point of his existence. Happy and sad moments, at the end of the day all of it is life experience, the building stones of who we are.

There is often a lot to do about “personal style” in art. I am a cool lover of this idea. Yes, it gives a certain recognition to someone’s art, but as I see it, it also tends to narrow the playing field of an artist. I like to explore, to try different styles, although if you visit my series called “The Existentials”, you might find some coherent style, however I would rather see it as a series. I want to experiment with different substrates, types of pigments, mixed media, collage. Actually, whatever that can serve me in expressing what I feel that needs to be told or shown in the moment.


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