(this series of artworks was started during the Corona lockdown period, as I felt life needed some brighness and color in these challenging times. After having finished the first composition, I felt there was a larger potential, geared to changing moods and personal needs of the viewer)

A splashing, dashing myriad of color
in all its shapes of life and existence.

Some fresh and pure,…
others worn and lived out.

Blue as hope for a future

Black spots as in
blind spots in our lives

Fuschia Myriad

90/90 cm (35/35 inch) • Price : 650 €

Myriad in Stripes

80/80 cm (32/32 inch) • Price : 550 €

Tiny Strips Myriad

80/80 cm (32/32 inch) • Price : 550 €

Symphony in Blue Myriad

80/80 cm (32/32 inch) • Price : 550 €

Myriad Valse Parfaite

70/70 cm (28/28 inch) • Price : 450 €

Black Myriad

120/40 cm (40/15 inch) • Price : 450 €

White Myriad

120/40 cm (40/15 inch) • Price : 450 €

Technical details

Substrate : canvas • Media : silk paper – mixed media – acrylic inks and paint

Painter’s comment

Step 1 – collaging the silk paper in several layers on top of each other and wetting the paper so the color starts bleeding.

Step 2 – adding acrylic inks to modify, enhance or push back certain color effects.

Step 3 – adding dark value acrylic inks to give a grungy look to the painting.

Step 4 – final touch of calibrating the values by playing with the inks, more overlaying silk paper collage and fluid acrylics. Checking out in which direction the painting is most attractive.

Buying & Booking

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