Pods Explosion

Discovery of Intuitive Painting.

After having done an online course with Flora Bowley, I step-by-step entered into the magic world of intuitive painting.
The outcome looks pretty different than what I thought I was making, but that’s why it is called “intuitive” painting. It is like life….you don’t know on beforehand, nor can you plan the outcome.

You can only surrender and trust.

Technical details

Format : 60*80 cm (24*32 inch) • Substrate : canvas • Media : acrylic paint • Price : 450 €

Delicious details

Painter’s comment

In order to illustrate the creative process of intuitive painting, see below some stages this painting went through, before showing up as it does now.

Buying & Booking

If you are interested in buying a painting, please send me a message on the contact page.

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