Rejoice Imperfection

“Rejoice Imperfection” is the name I gave this canvas.

It took me a hard time bringing it together, as some things did not feel good enough.
Then I realised there lays a lot of rest, of trust, of beauty in “imperfection”.
We don’t need to be perfect.

All these words are buried in the layers of paint somewhere in the canvas.
Man is a slave of his thrive for perfection, as there is no ultimate “right or perfect”.
It all lays in the eyes of the beholder and how he feels about himself.

Technical details

Format : 70*70 cm (28*28 inch) • Substrate : canvas • Media : acrylic paint • Price : 450 €

Delicious details

Painter’s comment

Trying to be perfect, thinking that a painting needs to be beautiful, is an eternal fight for an artist.

The puropose of art is not to be beautiful, it is to create an emotion.

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