Wise Woman

Lately I feel a lot of connection with roots.
I find a real, deep pleasure in drawing those fine lines, erratic and intertwining. Same with tree branches.

So, it became the theme of this painting. The wise woman whose feet grew roots holding her grounded while her scarfs and the rich tissue of her dress make her very feminine, floating
in the air.

The totem…don’t know how he came there…a token of her wisdom ?

Technical details

Format : 40*50 cm (16*20 inch) • Substrate : canvas • Media : acrylic paint • Price : 450 €

Delicious details

Painter’s comment

Roots in order to ground our bodies. Painting is a great practice to get into your body, out of the mind, getting rooted in that magic space between what your intuition wanto to express and the accepting and responding canvas.
Paint, forms and shapes being your allies to bring to live what needs to be told and shown.     

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