I made my first Myriad mixed media artwork during the lockdown, as I felt a need for some splashing color and vibration in the world.

First of all I make physical contact with my canvas, by touching it all over the surface. Then I will write some intention, of whatever is present in my mind at that moment.

Next step is covering it many little pieces of vivid colored silk paper, some organic texture elements and a few hidden prompts as lyrics, musical note, pieces of road or city maps, again just picking up what feels relevant to me. As with my painting, it is a very intuitive process.

By covering the silk paper in different layers, the colors start to “bleed” creating in their turn fascinating new colors and textures.

When the whole canvas is covered, I will integrate acrylic inks that are transparent, and which again will alter the whole color structure of the painting. At some points I will also introduce heavy body acrylic paint to emphasize certain areas.

Originally the idea was to make just one painting with this technique. However, I got so fascinated with it and it was so soothening to work with all these happy colors during those gloomy days, that I finally made 8 Myriads of which 2 are already sold. The remaining ones will be exposed at the Brussels Salon d’Art Contemporain on November 20-22.

Myriads in situation at home

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